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Spend your Bitcoin Cash at Garden Meow Cafe in Hong Kong! 召集比特幣現金愛好者!來喵一下!

Do you want to find a quiet corner to escape from the bustling pace of Hong Kong? Garden Meow Cafe is a great choice for you to take a rest! The cafe is filled with Taiwanese reminiscent atmosphere as the decorations bring out the last decade attribute which credited to the combination of the old Taiwanese stuff and the building of PMQ designed by the owner. It also provides Taiwanese books and magazines for reading. Take your time and charge yourself up with the traditional cuisine or call up your friends and spend a lazy afternoon there.

想在繁忙的市區裏找一個寧靜的地方歇息嗎?位於上環鴨巴甸街的Garden Meow Cafe充滿着台灣懷舊的氣息。店主把台灣的舊物和位於PMQ的古建築物融合在一起,打做一個有舊時代氛圍的Cafe,讓顧客在每個角落都可以感受到歲月的痕跡。呷一口色彩繽紛的特色飲料、叫一份豐富的地道茶餐,就這樣坐在一個舒適的角落裏享受着屬於自己一個兒的空間或約三五知己在這裏談天說地,過一個悠閒的下午。店內也有售賣不同的台灣小品,包括書籍和雜誌,供顧客閱讀。

Although the cafe style is old-fashioned, it still adopts cutting-edge technology. If you look carefully, you will discover a little green colour machine on the left of the front door.


This is the ATM powered by Coinhere and you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with your digital wallet. The cafe accepts BCH as payment. If you don’t have BCH, you can buy some at the ATM to pay for your lunch. If you already have BCH, you are welcome to settle the payment with it!

Have fun with your buddies and use your Bitcoin Cash here!

那就是由Coinhere營運的電子貨幣ATM。ATM提供比特幣(Bitcoin)、以太坊(Etherum)及比特幣現金(Bitcoin Cash)的購買服務,顧客只需準備一個電子錢包即可購買,非常方便。Garden Meow Cafe的另一個獨特之處是接受比特幣現金付款。假如你沒有比特幣現金的話,可以在提款機前購買,然後使用它在Cafe付款。說到這裏,相信大家已對這所充滿台灣特色的Cafe有所認識。快點約三五知己來這裏湊湊熱鬧及使用你的比特幣現金吧!

Garden Meow Cafe

35 Aberdeen Street, HG01-HG05, G/F, Block B, PMQ, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30-22:30


營業時間:星期一至日11:30 - 22:30

Written by Alice Yiu

Client Service Executive@Genesis Block

For any queries please contact info@genesisblockhk.com

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